" Līgatnes zemturi " recreation base rules

The recreation base is intended for family people who want to enjoy peaceful restand relaxation in the nature.

  •  Registration rules: 
    Guest must be 18 years of age or older to check in at the resort              
    When making a resorvation, the agreed amount of money must be transferrd to this bank account : LV48HABA0551036269102

The payment information needs to show : Dates for the nights you book, The name of the house you are booking, Contact phone number

For exampleJune 23 of 2020 country hause +371 2555555

June 23 June 24 of 2020 sauna and hot tub +371 2555555

  •  Check-in times: 
Arrival from 16:00 - 23:00
Departure by 12:00
  •  Quiet hour: 

From 24:00 to 6:00 there is a quiet hour in the entire territory, when it is forbidden to make noise
(play music, run vehicle engines or make noise in any other way).

In order to ensure silence for the overnight guests, as well as the safety of the guests, car traffic is closed in the territory of the complex from 24:00 to 06:00 the next morning. Entering and leaving the territory or any car movement after 24:00 is not allowed.
(This provision does not apply to the case when the customer has rented the entire territory for the order of a closed event)
  •  Other rules: 

Smoking indoors is not allowed

 It is forbidden to move furniture from indoors to outdoors

It is forbidden to throw bottles and other garbage, as well as stones,  into the ponds

It is forbidden to bring and use weapons, narcotics and psychotropic substances in the territory of the recreation complex

Open fire closer than 3 meters from buildings is prohibited

You may light grills, torches, and open fire only in specially designated areas

  •  Pets 

Dogs may only be on a leash in the territory of the recreation complex

Owners must pick up litter from their dogs immediately

Dogs are prohibited from digging holes in the territory



Folow  the generally accapted norms of behavior to make your stay at the complex plesant